The best beaches on the Gower Peninsula

2020 is the year for discovering local adventures and, luckily for us, the U.K. has an abundance of stunning coastline to explore. When it comes to beautiful beaches, the Gower Peninsula in South Wales gives even the most exotic, far-flung destinations a run for their money. Picture-perfect sandy bays,… View Post

River walks and Roman ruins: A day trip over the bridge to Wales

My love affair with Wales began several years back, when I hopped in a car from Bristol and was transported to the magical waterfalls and mountains of the Brecon Beacons for the very first time. Since then, each unique corner of Wales has blown me away, from the towering… View Post

3 of the best short hikes in the Gower Peninsula

2020 is Year of the Outdoors in Wales and few places can rival the outstanding natural beauty of the Gower Peninsula. This 19-mile stretch of coastline, just a short drive from Swansea, is home to some of the most spectacular, unspoilt beaches and coastal hikes in the U.K. I… View Post

Fat-biking in Porthcawl: The perfect day out in Wales

2019 marks the ‘Year of Discovery’ in Wales and visitors from around the world are being invited to celebrate the stunning scenery, natural landscapes and historic sites that make this country so unique. I grew up just across the Welsh border but it’s only in the last couple of… View Post