Hello World!

I’m Jules, a full-time working professional based in Bristol in the UK – a city I love more every day I spend here. But like so many others out there, I’m travel obsessed! If I’m not heading off on my next trip then you can bet I’m already planning it.

Not everyone wants to pack up their jobs and trade in their lives for the nomadic lifestyle but that doesn’t mean that travel and adventure can’t be a central part of your life. It is 100% possible to make your travel dreams a reality without having to give up the things you love.

Part-Time Passport has been created to inspire fellow wanderlusters – like you – to incorporate travel into your everyday lives and to make the most of the world around you – starting from your own backyard.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve visited 3 continents, 6 countries, 12 new cities and discovered many more destinations closer to home – all whilst holding down a full-time job!

I’m here to show you that with a bit of careful planning and a lot of passion, you can balance work, home-life and travel to achieve your travel dreams and create the life you love.

Part-Time Passport